Mini PC intel N200 with 1.9 inches screen

Customize your screen display

PicoBox Home intel N200

PicoBox Lite Mini PC intel N5105 on a backpack

Acepc Mini PC

PicoBox Lite intel N5095

WizBox G Mini PC

Enjoy the power and performance of an advanced gaming mini PC with the AMD R7-7735HS. Built with a 32GB DDR5 RAM and 512GB SSD, you have plenty of memory and storage for all your gaming needs. Plus, the high performance multi-extension allows for 4K 60Hz triple display and integrated TPM 2.0 for full security. Get the best gaming experience with this reliable and powerful mini PC.

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280w High performance mini PC with Dispendent Graphics Card

Your Ultra Tank!

WizBox Cube Mini Computer

A blend of superior performance in a miniature body. Don't underestimate this PC, with a processor as powerful as the Intel i7 12700H and NVIDIA RTX 3060 Dispendent Graphics Card, it offers you a PC experience like no other.Support for high refresh rate displays lets you enjoy unrivaled smoothness and responsiveness in your games. Every frame will draw you deeply into the world of the game.

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MINI Ultra Slim Portable Computer

Ace the Computer New World


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